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Securities Arbitration
Did your stock broker's advice lead to big financial losses for you? In order to make yourself whole again, you may need to go to securities arbitration - a process that is not widely understood.

In arbitration, hired judges - not a jury of your peers - decide how to resolve your dispute with a broker or investment house. These judges are chosen from lists maintained by the organizations that operate the arbitrations. Depending on the forum, the judges may be investment professionals, or people who work in various other professions. Another difference is that the arbitration decision is usually final and binding. Procedures tend to be less formal than those in regular court and it is easier to enter some types of evidence.

These specialized procedures require highly skilled attorneys who have experience in arbitration dispute resolution. The Wright Law Office is knowledgeable about National Association of Securities Dealers (NASD) arbitration and dispute resolution, and New York Stock Exchange (NYSE) arbitrations. Usually you only have one shot in arbitration, so having a good attorney is essential. The Wright Law Office currently handles cases involving variable annuity investment scams, inappropriate and unsuitable investments, stock churning, excessive trades, margin-trading violations and other investment frauds.

Many people don't realize that when they open an account with a stockbroker they are agreeing to resolve all disputes through arbitration. So if your broker lost your money; if a securities firm gave you bad advice about stocks, CDs, bonds, money market or mutual funds; and if you are facing securities arbitration, contact us to see if we can help. The Wright Law Office currently represents people who were never properly advised of the high risks their investments entailed; who were given incorrect or unethical information by their brokers; or who were otherwise misled or lied to. Our legal actions target stock brokers, investment and securities houses, insurance salespeople who are licensed to sell securities including variable annuities, financial advisors and financial planners who misrepresented investments to clients.

Class Action
The Wright Law Office represents consumers and investors in major class action cases in federal and state courts throughout the United States. The firm represents plaintiff classes in the following areas:

Securities Fraud:
Protects institutional shareholders and individual investors from corporate fraud and mismanagement.
Consumer Protection:
Protects consumers from defective products and fraudulent marketing practices.
Protects individuals and businesses from price fixing, unfair business practices and other anticompetitive conduct.
Civil Rights and Employment:
Protects employees and consumers against unfair practices and racial, age, gender, and other forms of discrimination.
Insurance and Health Care:
Represents victims of fraud and unfair sales practices by life insurance companies and HMOs.
False Claims and Whistleblowers:
Provides for awards to individuals who uncover false claims for payment submitted to the federal government.

Business Litigation
Litigation can impose a serious drain on company finances. The Wright Law Office counsels clients in minimizing litigation risks, reducing dispute resolution costs, and conserving valuable time and resources. Our practice spans everything from claims of contract breach, business torts (fraud, misrepresentation, conversion, interference with contract), unfair and deceptive trade practices, and RICO violations to securities and antitrust violations and class actions. The cases we handle are as varied as the entities we represent.

Court Approves Enfamil Infant Formula Settlement
A federal court has approved the settlement of a class action lawsuit about Mead Johnson’s advertising for its Enfamil infant formula. 

For more information, or to submit a claim for settlement benefits, click here.


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